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Negotiation Strategy Reports

Disputes between shareholders usually persist because one or other, or more often both, of the parties do not fully and totally understand all of the rules of corporate governance, the rights and duties of each person, the options each has and, importantly, the damage each can individually suffer in the absence of reaching a fair and sensible agreement. 


It is helpful to ensure before you engage in a negotiation, that you have decided on your objective and on a clear strategy to adopt. As well as actively assisting clients in reaching a resolution, I also can, by way of alternative,  provide a written Negotiation Strategy Report for shareholders who wish to negotiate themselves. This will cover the following:-


a) A list of the various legal rules and laws that impact on the situation.


b) A list of available options to you  that can be pursued by you both in company, contract and, if relevant, employment law and contract law with the hurdles to overcome in pursuing each option as well as likely cost and outcomes.


c) A list of negative outcomes in the absence of reaching an overall agreement.


d)  A list of potential settlement packages with the pros and cons of each.


You will then find yourself much more empowered to negotiate a resolution.

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